Have Fun while Living in a Lake Waccamaw Retirement Home!

Life is all about fun and living every in a carefree manner. Don’t worry about tomorrow - nobody has seen it and why waste today for the sake of the unseen. So, imagine yourself as a resident of Lake Waccamaw with a true vacation spirit every day.  

But to tell you honestly --- it is a great vacation place as well as one of the finest places to reside after retirement.  It is not a dull town but a very warm place where people know each other and there is a great regard for senior citizens.   If you own a lake-view house then you have a double treat.

Taking a trip all along the shallow waters of Lake Waccamaw or around the state park is a real nature hike.   It is all beauty and serenity that fills in your heart, mind and soul and asks you to be part of this landscape. Not for a day to two but for rest of your life….Isn’t it amazing to live at a place that is known to have the largest fresh water natural lake on the East Coast and the creeks that are a sight to watch from a perfect retirement home!

You can go out of on your boat fishing every day.  Here you can find some of the rare species of fish that are hard to find in rest of US or even in the entire world.  If you love community social forums then there are churches, clubs and many other places to explore within 60 minutes from your front door. You have that “mystic loneliness and a chirpy social life” going hand in hand here in Lake Waccamaw with all flavors of pure nature.

1182 bella coola road, lake waccamaw, nc

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