The Best Thing about Being a Lake Waccamaw Resident!

You might dream of a perfect retirement with peaceful surroundings, warm weather, low cost of living and no traffic!    Living on the waterside at Lake Wacamaw is just the place for you.   You can enjoy the beauty of the lake with a house that provides a postcard view every day.

Lake Waccamaw is a largest natural lake in North Carolina and in fact the largest natural fresh water lake on the east coast. It is naturally bounded by five big creeks and is known for its Cyprus trees and Spanish moss.   The lake is fed mainly by Big Creek and the surrounding  swamp lands. The organic matter from the decaying vegetation of the swamps makes the water tea-colored. The lake is full of life. It even contains some species of fish, such as the Waccamaw silverside, that are native only to Lake Waccamaw.

Many active seniors dream of retiring to a waterfront community. Watching the sunset over the water, hearing the sound of the wind, watching the water birds, and having direct access to the water and marinas all sound like wonderful ways to spend your golden years. But often, retirees give up on the idea quickly when they consider their budget; homes and condos with amazing ocean views can be prohibitively high-priced.  Your answer can be found in Lake Waccamaw.

Fulfilling the dream. When many people dream of living on the water, they dream of palm trees, endless water vistas and sunsets, and rolling surf.   Lake living provides its own dream-fulfilling properties if you are more inclined to a more natural or rural lifestyle.  One advantage of living on any kind of water is that it is easier to get friends and family to visit you.  (That might be a curse or blessing, depending on your mood.)

1182 bella coola road, lake waccamaw, nc

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